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30 Minute Meditation

Private Classes

Individual Rates
Once off - R250
2x per Month - R450
Weekly per Month - R800
Bi-Weekly per Month - R1 400

Group Classes

2 pax Once Off R200 pp
2x per Month - R350 pp
Weekly per Month - R600pp
Bi-Weekly per Month - R1000pp

3 pax - R150pp
2x per Month - R250pp
Weekly per Month - R400pp
Bi-Weekly per Month - R600pp

60 Minute Yoga Class

Private Classes

Individual Rates
Once off - R350
2x per Month - R600
Weekly per Month - R1 200
Bi-Weekly per Month - R2 200

Group Classes

2 pax Once Off - R300 pp
2x per Month - R500 pp
Weekly per Month - R1000pp
Bi-Weekly per Month - R2000pp

3 pax - R250pp
2x per Month - R400pp
Weekly per Month - R800pp
Bi-Weekly per Month - R1400pp



Understand who I am
and how I can help you

Four years have passed since I attended my very first yoga class. I did so purely out of curiosity after longingly watching the graceful yogis practicing at my local gym. Never could I have imagined that this bug would bite me never to let me go; I have been addicted ever since. Addicted to the mental relaxation it offers me. To the way it makes me feel stronger after every single class. Finally, addicted to the self-awareness I have achieved since so many years ago. Yoga gave me an outlet for the frustrations corporate life was creating… I had to share this beautiful gift!
I realised that to do so I had to go to the source, to where this deeply traditional practice was born. This realisation took a physical form in a month long training course set in the heart of the Himalayas. Spending a month in the Sivananda ashram in Rudraprayag learning the rich history behind this extraordinary practice. Coupled with intense asana training twice daily meant that I came back more in love with yoga than when I left. Finally, I was ready to share my knowledge in a safe and professional manner without losing any of the yogic tradition.
My passion is people and seeing people grow into the best versions of themselves. For this reason, I feel strongly about individual and small group yoga training. This is what I offer you, personalised yoga classes specifically tailored to your needs. Your growth within your practice is accelerated allowing you to reap the benefits of yoga in a small amount of time.

I feel just as strongly that we often forget to have fun with what our bodies offer us. Yoga gives you that, discovering what your body is capable of has a childlike effect on the way we go about physical exercise.
Come with me on a journey to physically strengthening and toning your body while teaching your mind to be calm and focused. A journey that will last you a life time as the practice of yoga is one that you can carry with you even when the body starts aging.


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