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Put away that calorie counting app that has become your new obsession, stop thinking boiled chicken and broccoli are the only ways you are going to your are going to achieve that post pregnancy bod. This is all about education – I am in no way a journalist but I believe if nothing else it is my duty to educate and share knowledge because in the sea of misinformation there has to be a place to get reliable information , that you don’t require a PhD to understand. Through this blog I hope to educate and help you find little ways to not only make healthier choices but implement them in a cost effective, easy manner. I aim to shed a little light on living with chronic disease and implement strategies to cope as well as educating you on just how amazing food can be, so we can all achieve harmonizing health.

“Please, please, please be a teacher, even if you aren’t a teacher be a teacher. Share your ideas, don’t take for granted your education, rejoice in what you learn and spray it” Tim Minchin
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Whitney Dengler - 060 524 5313

I am a natural health practitioner with a passion for health and environmentally friendly living. I have a sound scientific background having studied at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and the School of Natural Health Sciences and I am affiliated with the International Institute for Complementary Therapies
I want to help people achieve their hearts desires and I believe that you CAN have it all, but you need to be realistic and take one step at a time, doing things the right way with the correct guidance.

So many people get drawn in by the social media pressure of trying to live up to the perfect instagram/facebook selfies of pre and post bodies that do not show the struggles faced behind those flawless images. As a people pleasing society we develop depression, anxiety and poison our mental health by succumbing to the pressures of the world around us. We set ourselves up for failure by having unobtainable self expectations of being able to work; have kids; be happy and successful; balance a full social life; eat organic, home grown clean food while having enough still having energy to punch the sun. When we fail we feel guilty and ashamed of not being able to live up to an unrealistic expectation set out by society and social media pressures. Whitney wants to help people achieve their hearts desires and believes that you CAN have it all, but you need to be realistic and take one step at a time, doing things the right way with the correct guidance.

Services On offer: • Herbalism • Homeopathic Remedies • Bach Flower Remedies  • Acupressure • Holistic Pain Management • Nutritional Therapy •  Workshops• Guest Speaking Events
I use a combination of modalities to create the tailor made solution to address every angle are restore harmony in the body

I use a combination of herbalism, homeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedies, acupressure, nutritional therapy and holistic pain management techniques to create the tailor made solution to address every angle are restore harmony in the body.

Jade Fletcher - 082 099 2939

I am a counsellor registered with the CCSA reg no: CO 20306, I use both traditional counselling techniques OR art counselling, as a vehicle to emotional recovery ART COUNSELLING is a form of psychotherapy involving the encouragement of free self-expression that develops self-awareness and assists people to realize their own potential and self worth. Creative counselling is achieved by using mediums such as:

Painting – Sculpting – Drawing – Mosaic – Decoupage – Beading Woodwork – Photography – Poetry – Writing – And sensory activities.

Services On offer: • One on one counselling • Couples counselling • Strepco approach to therapy • Guest speaking events • Group therapy • Adult Workshops • Team building • Therapeutic Retreats • School Workshops

Combining verbal and creative counselling techniques strengthens creativity, imagination, insight and logic… thus instilling reasoning and analytic thought – both brain hemispheres are activated through Art Counselling.
Harmonizing health aims to help you achieve your goals with a multi disciplinary team that you can have lasting results and be the healthiest version of yourself. Can you imagine a self-aware society capable of creating a harmonious co-existence?o-existence?
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